GMI Improvement Group

The practice of teamwork is a requirement of the worldwide standards of excellence. It is essential to invest in knowledge in order to increase the skills of company employees, motivating them for self-realization and for enjoyment at work, through a participatory management.
The results of this management model leverage the advantages that highlight a company from its competitors.

Goals of ICON improvement groups (GMI)

  • Promote the growth of people, encouraging the maximum use of their potential;

  • Respect human nature and generate an environment where there is satisfaction and happiness at work;

  • Contribute to the strengthening and competitiveness of the company through continuous improvement;

  • Promote the identification of problems and their causes, seeking full resolution;

  • Improve environmental conditions at work;

  • Improve communication and the relationship between employees and managers;

  • Reduce costs;

  • Increase productivity.

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