Social Responsibility

ICON Companies participate in the life of the community where they operate. So, they are partners of the Youth District (Bairro da Juventude), an institution based in Criciúma, Santa Catarina, which serves more than thousand children and adolescents, providing opportunities for education and citizenship. ICON receives each semester students of Entry-Level Professional Education of the Youth District. There are students that integrate, for a period, the company's team. Students learn an occupation and come out professionally trained for the market. Those who stand out can be hired by the group.

ICON also receives interns from various technical and university-level schools, such as those from SATC - Benevolent Association of Coal Industry of Santa Catarina (Associação Beneficente da Indústria Carbonífera de Santa Catarina), recognized school in the state for training professionals required by the market.

In 2012, ICON Companies received from the Ministry of Sports the Friend of Sports Entrepreneur Award. This award recognizes and appreciates those who support the national sport through the federal sports incentive act.

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